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Meet The Team

At Sylvan Crossings, we pride ourselves on the home-like, community feeling that our wonderful staff provides for residents. 

Please let us introduce the Creekside Estates, Sylvan Crossings team responsible for the health and happiness of your loved ones. 

Shelley Beckett 
Executive Director

Shelley Beckett is the Executive Director of the Sylvan Crossings Assisted Living and Memory Care located in Cudahy Wisconsin. Shelley has 12 years of experience in Assisted Living Care.  

Prior to working at Sylvan Crossings, Shelley graduated college with two Associate degrees, in Logistics and Accounting. Shelley received her second degree in accounting during the fall of the economy/market crash, and she was unable to find the job that was right for her. Shelley’s oldest daughter, who had previously worked at Sylvan Crossings, encouraged her to apply with the belief that she would be amazing at caregiving. Once Shelley walked through the doors of Sylvan Crossings, there was no going back. She knew Sylvan Crossings was where she belonged. Shelley loves the feeling of caring for older adults that need assistance to get through their days, and making sure that they are cared for in a caring, compassionate, and dignified way!  

Shelley’s work experience includes all job titles at Sylvan Crossings. She started as Caregiver, then went to Team Leader, Assistant Administrator, and finally Executive Director. Shelley has now spent 12 years at Sylvan Crossings and 9 of those years as Executive Director. Sylvan Crossings Assisted Living and Memory Care offers a wide range of care and services to residents that has given Shelley the opportunity to grow and learn in the medical/assisted living fields.  

Shelley specializes in helping residents to be healthy and happy at such a fragile time in their lives. Families have been amazing to work with, and because of the pandemic, Shelley and staff understand how crucial it is to have families involved in their loved one’s lives so they can maintain healthy, physical, and emotional lives when it is needed most.   

Shelley feels as though she has been very successful as the Executive Director, but recognizes that it takes continued learning and training as everything changes. Shelley also feels her success is owed to the staff she has maintained long term. She believes that long term staff helps to enhance the quality of life for the residents, as it takes lots of teaching, training, and education to ensure staff have the same vision of quality resident care. As Shelley says, “You cannot be successful without good staff that is willing to go out of their way daily to maintain happy residents”.    

Shelley is dedicated to her family of three children and five grandchildren. She enjoys family get-togethers and being around them as much as possible. As Shelley is getting older, she is looking forward to what life has to offer as the grandchildren get older. She is also looking forward to seeing different parts of the country. Shelley longs to live close to the West; the Wyoming, Utah, Nevada area.   

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